Specialized in Precision Mechanics, in particular on Milling and Turning


The C.O.M.I head office is situated in Sabaudia, Via Maremmana snc, has born in 1995 and the main aim is the supply of services such as design and construction of mechanical fittings, possibly used in all the industrial and civil branches. C.O.M.I is specialized in producing tools for precision mechanic and, particularly, on third-party milling and turning process, using specific productive unities, it collaborates with the client in the analysis, design, development and realization stages.Young and dinamic company, with a strong multiannual experience, developed in the industrial precision mechanic field, is able to guarantee the productivity capacity and high quality of the final product.Strenghts of the company are: quality, flexibility, reliability, competetiveness, as such the solid experience and the continuos study for improving machining modalities and working cicles. The result is a company that intervenes with professionality and seriousness, guarantee the best for all its products and services.


Leader company in the turning processing field, it has different type of 3 and 4 axis lathes, traditionals and  the computer numeric control automations (better known as CNC) The machining operators have ten-year experience in programming and in controlling the machine, reason why we maintain high quality standards. The company offers numerous solutions characterized by efficiency and reliability, machinery able to assure high quality working process of various dimension lots (small, medium or big).



The company C.O.M.I is characterized in milling processing, using small and medium dimensions CNC milling machinery and it realises both single tools and small and big lots. The technology of our working centres for CNC milling, the competence of our qualified staff, using in add a CAD-CAM sofisticated programming software, permit us to realize mechanical fittings of various complexities, establishing the milling CNC type to carry out for reducing machine preparation time and granting a finish high grade.


The C.O.M.I. is able to offer the customer a wide range of services with the utmost care and technology and high quality.